Embrace Your Soul Proprietorship – Deine Selbstständigkeit Annehmen

“What finally helped me to move was this:

Stop listening to what others tell you is right for you. Start making the voice of your heart your priority.

After my last business coaching I created some time for myself. I used this time to:

Detoxify from all the infiltration of the old system. – How can I opt out and create something new if I am still following the old patterns?
Allowing myself to find my own pace. – How can I create joy when I am not allowing myself to be in a joyful place?
Re-connecting with the voice of my heart. – How can I invent a nourishing place for me to be when I am not listening to and following my heart?

These three steps helped me to find out more about what I really want and what is healthy for me”.

Kokopelli Bee Free Blog

Embrace Your Soul Proprietorship-1 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. 


What do I mean by “soul proprietorship”?

This is a term that my partnerKim Kerseycame up with when I asked him for a proper translation for what I want to talk about.  So, thank you, Kim!  The German word “Selbstständigkeit” refers to both:  self-employment in the business world and self-reliance in general.  Even though one sometimes leads to the other and we will probably see that more often in the upcoming years they don’t have to be experienced in a bundle.  Yet, the issues, hopes and fears on the path are often similar ones in both, self-employment and self-reliance.

Why is that so?

– Because in both cases we are aiming at being in a more self-responsible, independent and sovereign position.  In both cases we will experience – sometimes huge – changes in our personal and in our…

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