It's a New Day...

Day 216 Question 216:

Who are you at your best?  Your worst?

The question Who Am I? floats through my head day in and day out.  I know I am not my job or my body.  Who I am goes so far deeper than that.  I believe I am what I feel.  I am the soul inside of me that is always feeling what is right…at least right for me.  I am the soul that looks for the natural state of being….my place of personal comfort.  So who am I at my best and at my worst?

It is easy to determine who I am at my worst.  I am the person that self-loathes.  The person that stops seeing the positive and believes the negative thoughts of self.  At my worst I am the self-hater and the non-believer.  I live in a state of panic and worry because I let…

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