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I sit here today and things have hit me; thing that needed to get a bit to me have done so. I am melancholy; I am sad; I am enlightened. I am all those things and more.

I sit here today and think about:

Buckwheatsrisk and her abuse;

Mulberry Whine, who has survived the loss of a child for a year;

Sam, who lives wonderfully in a world that might well drive me mad;

Soma, who has a handicapped child she loves so much;

Niltsi, who suffers painfully;

The Enfant Terrible, who suffers – I can see it in her writing;

Grace, who suffers but braves it wonderfully;

there are others.  I commented the other day that I had landed in the right place; I had found people like me.  That is true.  We all have suffered; we all have sacrificed.

Some of us have…

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