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Every people in India have a dream to explore the country according to their own area of interest. This attachment is because of the wide diversity of the country. This blessed nation is enriched with variety of cultures, languages and rituals which no one can find in any other planet. Therefore, outsiders as well as the people of this nation like to spend their holiday in this country and want to explore all the splendid sites during India Tours.

As India is a vast nation and enriched with so many exotic tourist places therefore, it becomes quite difficult to compare one or two destinations with others according to its scenic beauty. It only depends upon you for what purpose you want to visit the country; the India tours & travels purpose may be your honeymoon, wildlife, pilgrimage, cultural heritage. Hope the following points will help you to choose your favorite…

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the top-bunk philosopher

My school has exams in September, which means that I have extra time for adventuring in Delhi! On Sunday two SIT Jaipur 2010 alums joined my housemates and I for a visit to Majnu Ka Tilla, the center of commerce and habitation for Tibetan Refugees in Delhi. We strolled through shops and temples and ate  absolutely delicious Tibetan food.

Our day continued with wanderings through Connaught Place, a roundabout ringed by a double layer of shops in the organized, Raj-era area of Delhi. After our fill of bookstores, ice cream bars and jean vendors (apparently you can get a pair custom-made there but I haven’t tried it yet…) we took a breather at the classy United Coffee House, a CP mainstay since 1942. I’d walked past it many a time but it was my first trip through the heavy wooden doors and into the chandeliered dining room.


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I live in Chittaranjan Park commonly known as C.R Park.

Some days the songs of the Baoli singers who go from door to door collecting alms will wake me up and on other days it’s the fish man shouting at the top of his voice. During Durga Pooja days the place is totally transformed to an endless party of food food and food.

Now C.R Park is not a place, which you will visit unless you have some work. But it has so much to offer be it the Kolkata Rolls or the Fish markets or the famous mithai shops doting the area or endless groceries that sell some real authentic stuff straight from Bengal.

So this gave me the idea of creating a short and sweet (definitely) C.R Park walk. It will have all the regular ingredients of typical walk curated by viawalks- food and stories and some walking.

We plan…

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