You are trapped in a horrific video game, crawling with bloodthirsty ghouls. There is no way out.

When you reach the final level, the boss monster will eat you alive: GAME OVER.

It’s your move.

Many people reject Buddhist Tantra in favor of Consensus Buddhism, or modernized Theravada or Zen, because those seem realistic. These modernist Buddhisms sweep under the rug all the monsters, miracles, demons and deities of the Pali and Mahayana scriptures. Buddhism is supposed to be rational, scientific, and pragmatic.

Tantra, by contrast, seems incurably infested with magical superstitions.

I take the opposite view. Tantra is brutally realistic—because reality is brutal. It is Sutra (non-tantric Buddhism) that is a fantasy.

Sutra promises the path beyond all suffering. If you do everything right, you can escape this vale of tears into Neverland Nirvana.

Now there is a magical superstition. That fantasy runs far deeper…

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snapshots of a metamorphosis

“People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong…Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?”~Thich Nhat Hanh

Life is such an interesting process.  The ebb and flow,  the ups and downs.  We all have our stories.  I was born into this family,  we had such and such amount of money,  my father abandoned me,  I married a circus performer who left me with six babies in a single wide trailer……  we can all give into the victim inside of us who is screaming for understanding and sulking in the corner of our souls.  I lived about twenty years in this corner,  blaming others,  choosing situations and people in my life who intensified the drama inside me and fed the fire of my negativity,  while at the same time trying to figure out where I stood spiritually.  I was always…

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The D Word

Curly Miri

Anthea is a Journalism major at university.  Her love of nature, animals and travelling is evident in her home full of fresh flowers, foreign artefacts and her two Labrador’s roaming free in the beautiful garden of her humble abode.

Anthea has a bright and bubbly demeanour, a caring nature and an unspoken sense of intelligence.  However, look closely and you will see sadness in her eyes.  A sense of melancholy that she effortlessly disguises.  She will hug you and make you feel so welcome and loved and yet everyday she struggles to feel the love that she permeates within others.  Each day she battles demons within her mind that tell her she is not good enough, that spark anger and anxiety.  In essence, these difficulties have hindered her ability to thrive in her studies, and have also damaged the core of her relationships with her spouse, family and friends.


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I Always Knew This

equally .. on anger …

In Love...Again

I learned early on that the most dangerous emotion you could have is anger, I learned this because at some point in my youth, I realized that anger fueled many of my actions, and I got into a good amount of bad situations  because of anger.  But the problem was I didn’t get the why and I didn’t understand the mechanics of the emotion…I did know that I was angry at the things that happened in my life and that anger did influence certain choices.  Sure there were other emotions that charged other choices, but anger was the one that seemed to drive me in many directions.   What I didn’t understand was the why these choices were turning out the way they did.

I chose to create a dogma to live by, history’s great teachers, were my guides and I devoured their teachings, reading the material over and over…

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on anger …

Simply here

Meditation arises every moment.

Emotion sparks:  Rage!

Most people (including me) often attempt to push anger away, thinking it should disappear NOW.  Shame on it for arising.  (The ego spouts judgments like:  if I were just wiser, more spiritual, a better person…this feeling would not, should not, arise.)

Today I simply watched rage arise with its unexpected paralyzing force.

Fury, sparks, wild anger!

Blue Cross and the hospital–demons, both!  How dare they bill us for $2,479.00 yet again when we’ve met our $6,000.00 deductible?  How dare, how dare? Have been on the phone hours already with hospital and insurance company alike and everyone agrees it’s inaccurate.  The latest kind & lovely representatives assured a re-billing would solve this problem once and for all.

Yet, this morning, horrors:  another Blue Cross bill for the same amount!


Pure, hot, white.

Meditation arose simultaneously to watch, to feel, to deeply…

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