Give or Take?

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Am I a giver or a receiver?
I need, I want, I take, I receive.
The moment I have what I want, I experience
pleasure, which quickly fades leaving me
wanting again–either more of the same or
a new desire.

Ancient wisdom tells us that it is
more blessed to give than to receive.
Does this mean I am somehow “wrong”
for wanting, for receiving?

Who is the giver? Wealthy people,
people who have received such
abundance that they are willing to
part with a little? Are they more
noble than I?

How about the giver who gives to gain
acceptance, power, even love. If this
giver receives in the act of giving,
does this make him a receiver?

Is it possible to be a giver so pure
of intention that the giving is an
act of unconditional love?

Can a receiver become a giver by
loving the giver so…

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What the world needs from you | Marianne Elliott

via What the world needs from you | Marianne Elliott.

The planet doesn’t need more ‘successful’ people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form. It needs people who will live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these needs have little to do with success as our culture has defined it. – David Orr in Earth in Mind

Forget success.
Make it your mission to be brave.
Forget your job title.
Listen for your callings…

Perfect Selflessness


“I derive neither pleasure or sadness from giving. I give not because I must but because it is an all consuming characteristic of what I am. It is not a desire or a thirst and I wish for nothing in return except for the capability to continue doing it but I do not give to sustain this ability.” – A possibility of Elolight.

There is not very much that gives as much joy as giving. Yet even our most noblest of intentions has roots in want. We help others because we want to improve the world for ourselves. It is impossible to escape this reality but we can start to imagine this capability even if we don’t possess it yet.

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on anger …

Simply here

Meditation arises every moment.

Emotion sparks:  Rage!

Most people (including me) often attempt to push anger away, thinking it should disappear NOW.  Shame on it for arising.  (The ego spouts judgments like:  if I were just wiser, more spiritual, a better person…this feeling would not, should not, arise.)

Today I simply watched rage arise with its unexpected paralyzing force.

Fury, sparks, wild anger!

Blue Cross and the hospital–demons, both!  How dare they bill us for $2,479.00 yet again when we’ve met our $6,000.00 deductible?  How dare, how dare? Have been on the phone hours already with hospital and insurance company alike and everyone agrees it’s inaccurate.  The latest kind & lovely representatives assured a re-billing would solve this problem once and for all.

Yet, this morning, horrors:  another Blue Cross bill for the same amount!


Pure, hot, white.

Meditation arose simultaneously to watch, to feel, to deeply…

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